So you have a question? Hopefully one of these below can help guide you in the right direction or give you the answer you need!

What do you do?

While we have been in Bowling Green for over a decade, people come and go. Here at HomeWorks, we complete your home with finishing touches. We measure, design, and install closet shelving & garage organization systems. We also measure and install window coverings, shower enclosures, and mirrors. As well as installation of door hardware & bath accessories. We are a one stop shop for completing multiple areas of your home.

When will my product be installed?

We typically stick to a 2-3 week turnaround on all of our jobs. Everything is custom made for your home so we don’t want to rush the process. If there is a bump in the road we will be sure to communicate that with you!

My windows aren’t a standard size. Do you have anything to fit them?

Absolutely! Everything we do is custom. So that means we will come out and measure your windows and get you the most accurate measurement based on your requests.

I took measurements myself. Can you use those instead of coming out?

Well, that depends. If we are installing we prefer to measure each item ourselves. This allows us the opportunity to have a better feel for the space before install day. That way we know how to fix any problem should we run across one. If you are installing you would need to email, text, or come in to give us those measurements. Once we have the items ready to go or shipped to you, you are assuming all liability should an item not fit and are responsible for the cost of the replacement as well.

I have a stock shower base from *chain store*, Do you have any enclosures on hand that would fit?

We don’t keep a lot on hand. Shelving is stocked in large sizes that we cut for each job. Mirrors are as well. All blinds and shower enclosures are manufactured to fit your home. Whether it is a stock unit or not, we prefer to get measurements to ensure you have the best fit.

I just started demo on my bathroom and we are going to need a shower enclosure. When should I call to have you come measure?

It may sound inconvenient, but we need all shower components installed before measuring. Even tile needs to be set before we come measure. This allows us to get the most accurate measurements and to fit the enclosure to your space.

What is ‘C10’ on my quote?

It’s totally optional! This product can be added to any shower for an additional charge. It can cut down your cleaning time and frequency. After each use simply drying with a squeegee or towel will keep the glass clean for a long period, and make it difficult for mineral spots to form. The glass needs to be cleaned every few weeks using a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent (such as Dawn or 7th Generation) to break down soaps, oils, and conditioners from the glass. General glass cleaners are also suitable, however most of these are finishing agents rather than cleaners, and are an added expense that is not required.

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